Studio 3: Jeff Battersby

Jeff Battersby is a new emerging artist, having spent a career in teaching and education. He has recently moved back to Plymouth after living, working, travelling and painting in Bangkok. In that time he has had the benefit of being mentored by Alan-Scot Moncrieff. His latest body of work is influenced by the emotional, physical and cultural experiences that he had whilst he was there. All the paintings are oil on canvas ( ). Jeff has exhibited in 3 locations in Bangkok, at Attic Studios ( in March 2011, at the Nielsen Hays Art festival in November 2009, in a joint exhibition at the Tapas Restaurant in June 2009 and his work has been displayed in two galleries in Bangkok: the Pikture Gallery ( ) and Koi Gallery ( ) from 2011.


Jeff intentionally does not give titles to any of his paintings as he feels no words adeqautely express the sense of emotion, experience or images depicted in them. He hopes that you, as the viewer, will be able to engage with these paintings and allow yourself to respond to and connect to them, with your own emotions, personal experiences and histories.